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EU-OCS is a leading online media resource documenting major crime, security news and political and corporate corruption in Europe. From smuggling and drug trafficking, to cybercrime and white collar crime, EU-OCS gives readers a global perspective on the major illicit activities unfolding across Europe. Our ultimate goal is to better quantify, present and raise awareness over the impact that such nefarious activities have on the lives of Europeans everywhere.

We are a consortium of investigative journalists and researchers who strive to serve as an umbrella resource that gathers, tabulates and presents in interactive ways crime and security trends in Europe. Reach usĀ at contact[at]eu-ocs.com.

Through advanced data vizualization tools, EU-OCS:

  • unmasks the major actors involved in illicit activities
  • untangles the complex relationship between political stakeholders and criminal enterprises
  • generates real-time maps of the types of crime committed in Europe and uncovers trends
  • offers novel ways of looking at crime